Battista Accessori - Weaver Leather Supply

Battista Accessori S.r.l. is a Company, founded in 1972, leader in wholesaling and retailing hardware for leather goods,footwear and clothing market.Our 3.000 square meters warehouse with over 40.000 items, available online too, allows us to satisfy every customer request.We provide buckles, snap hooks,loops, sliders, leather goods tools and machineries, leather dyeing, adhesives, zippers,threads,linings,reinforcements and  more for the fashion and crafter trade.We also provide high end brass hardware and a technical assistance and consulting to individual crafters, small businesses, large fashion corporations, and more. The company hallmark is the possibility to develop prototypes based on customer’s ideas, galvanize and customize them with their own brand name through Italian efficiency and precision.

Experience, Innovation and Quality are our main features.

Shoes and leather goods machinery such as automatic gluing machine, threading for buckles, brushing-finish etc., and ensures its clients a fast solution to any mechanical and electronic problems that may arise from machine use. In the light of our experience, we will guide you to the best purchase solution, ranging between the smallest piece of equipment and the construction of a full facility.

Specific and technologically tools for leather and clothing such as thread-burner, Edge dyeing, scissors, presses, pliers, needles, flexible rubbers, hammers and more.

Ecological, easy, astonishing leather dyes with an updated color chart

Water-based adhesives for leather, textiles, cover cardboards and reclaimed materials for belts, upper, bags, wallets heels orthopedic insoles production and for assembling insoles.High stickiness on surface, quick drying, the compatibility with traditional adhesives (latex, neoprene, natural rubber)mean that our adhesives can be easily used during different production phases

Zippers for every need: leather, clothing, boating or camping industries. Battista Accessori Srl provide every type of zippers: plastic, soft touch or standard metal, nylon or invisible, zippers by the meter or finished in a wide range of colors and finishing. We also offer a cut measure zippers and zippers available in a stock service.

Wide range of sewing threads for all materials and seams: Threads for industry, Sewing threads, high tenacity sewing threads etc. in a wide selection of fantastic colors

Wide range of linings to suit all needs. The large store of the company, allows us to have available, linings of all types: 100% cotton, cotton and polyester, 100% polyester etc., in different colors and design.

Synthetic leather, and Eco leather, reclaimed Leather and special finished fabrics for footwear and leather goods.

High quality reinforcements for leather goods. They give bags, shoes and belts, physical durability but also functionality.


A qualified team is always available to help you with a complete consultancy and assistance about purchase, servicing and repair of machines for leather goods


Battista Accessori offers its customers a creative and technical consultancy services about the realization of customized products. Its style office was born to design, prototype, test and implement projects “on demand”, and a real benefit that put the company at the top in the fashion market

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